Generate Data for Indoor Positioning

Generate synthetic data fast and free. Flexible configurations, scenarios and use cases.

Get data for testing your indoor positioning application.

Multiple Technologies

Choose your deployment technology

Use ready to use transmitters and receivers, and configure them to your preferences.
Easy deployment of single or multi-technology IPS infrastructure.

More technologies coming soon

Different Actors

With Dioptra you can use one or more types of actors and motion models
that better suit your positioning application.


Multiple Sensors Available

You can add different types of sensors to actors

Sensors' parameters are easily configurable.

Multiple Indoor Scenarios

Indoor Spaces Models based on OpenStreetMaps format

Use included Indoor Spaces or create your own. More space models will be available soon.

Dark Mode Available

Indoor Propagation Models

Get control over the environment.

Configurable propagation modelling and material attenuations.

The Team

Meet the multi-disciplinary team behind


Cristiano Pendão

University of Minho

Positioning and Nav., Comp. Vision, Mobile Computing, Design.


Ivo Silva

University of Minho

Positioning and Navigation, Positioning in Industrial Env.


Adriano Moreira

University of Minho

Positioning and Navigation, Wi-Fi Fingerprinting, Smart Places.


J. Torres-Sospedra

UBIK Geospatial Solutions

Positioning and Navigation, Machine Learning.



Download  for Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

*Beta Version. JRE 9+ required.


Let's get in touch!

Guimarães, PT

Phone: +351 253510319

Email: dioptra@mail.dsi.uminho.pt